Carefully selected 100% Arabica coffees from the world's finest estates have been precisely roasted to create this rich, aromatic and flavorful coffee. A superb blend of Central and South American coffees, give our blend mild body and smooth, satisfying flavor.

Classic Decaf

Enjoy our famous house blend coffee with all the flavor you expect without the caffeine

Bakery Blend

Reminiscent of your favorite Donut Shop. Bright and lively in the cup, with a smooth, clean finish.


Known as one of the premier coffees in the world. Our Colombian come from their southern region which produces a rich, bodied coffee with bright acidity.

Dark Roast

A dark roasted blend of central and South American coffees. This coffee offers a rich smokey flavor, with a bold finish.


A smooth, nutty coffee with creamy, full bodied flavor.

French Vanilla

Rich, indulgent and creamy, the French Vanilla cappuccino mix is made with the bold flavor of French Vanilla delivering a delicious, consistent cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Fat Free French Vanilla

Our fat free version of French Vanilla.

English Toffee

English Toffee has a superb taste with marvelous flavor and enticing aroma. Its has a rich and buttery flavor, with just a hint of almond.


Rich tasting caramel along with cappuccino. A great drink anytime of the day.

Irish Cream

Cappuccino with just the right amount of Irish Cream flavor. A popular favorite.

Hot Chocolate

Real cocoa makes our hot chocolate a deep, rich tasting favorite chocolaty flavor on those cold Pennsylvania days.

Pecan Pie

Comfort cappuccino combining the distinctive taste of pecan with creamy warm butter make this a real winner. Available January - May

Salted Chocolate Caramel

Sweet rich taste of chocolate and caramel in the beginning, countered by the light, salty taste at the end. Soon to be a favorite! Available May - August

Pumpkin Pie

World Cup specifically develops pumpkin spice mix for the great taste of spiced pumpkin in cappuccino. Available September - December


Try our Muffin or Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches made fresh on premise. Available at most locations, we offer a Pick 2 Breakfast Sandwiches for $4 special.


We offer fresh made on premise Hot & Cold Subs, Wraps, Sandwiches, Pizza, Fried Appetizers and Salads at most locations. Still looking for that BBQ Rib sub all year round? We have it and it's part of our Pick 2 for $4 special.

Pepperoni Rolls

Welcome to the Roll Zone! Here we have our number one seller, the Hot Fresh Pepperoni Roll, rolled with Pepperoni and perfectly melted cheese topped with delicious garlic topping. We also have the Steak Roll, rolled with tender pieces of steak, fire roasted peppers, onions, and provolone cheese. We have several different rolls filled with tasty fillings of your favorite subs, breakfast items, or your other favorite foods. Stop in and try one today !!

Sweet Treats

Need a donut to go with your coffee? We prepare ours in store daily. How about a fresh made Cinnamon Roll or one of our Raspberry Cheese Croissants to fill up that sweet craving you have. We also make various other pastries daily. Stop by and see what we have made for you. We make various cookies, gobs, and cookie sandwiches too, all made in our stores for you to enjoy or take to your next meeting or event. Take home a dozen cookies today!!

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