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 General Contest Rules   

Social Media Promotional Rules

  1. Description and length of promotions will be announced via CoGo’s Social Media.
  2. Date winner(s) are determined will be announced via CoGo’s Social Media.
  3. Contact information, if requested by CoGo’s, must be provided so winners can be notified.
  4. Entries must be made within event dates to be eligible.
  5. Prizes are non transferable. Prizes may need to be picked up, mailed or emailed.
  6. Non-Random Winner(s) Selections: Date and time of the first comment/entry containing correct answer(s) on CoGo’s Social Media event post will determine the winner. Any events with more than one winner will be determined in the order of earliest time and date received.
  7. Random Winner(s) Selections: The True Random Number Generator on the website will be used to determine these types of winners. The maximum number used will be the total number of comments/entries made on the CoGo’s post specific to that promotion.
  8.  All Non-Random Winners(s) Selections will be verified by two CoGo’s Office Personnel.

Additional Rules

Take a Wild Guess

Winner is determined by the first person with the correct answer.
Edited posts are not accepted

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